Are you interested in reiki healing treatments? Do you visit or live in the Sheffield area of South Yorkshire or live locally to Sheffield e.g. Derbyshire, Chesterfield, Rotherham, Barnsley, Doncaster, Bakewell, Hope Valley, the Peak District, Bradford or Leeds? Our reiki in Sheffield treatments can really benefit you!


What is ‘reiki’ healing?

Reiki is a form of natural energy healing that is often used as a complementary therapy to aid physical, emotional and mental health and relaxation. Reiki healing uses naturally available bio-electrical energy and deep relaxation to make people feel healthier and happier. You can actually feel it working!


What are Reiki healing treatments?

Reiki healing treatments use energy healing and are a natural and deeply relaxing, safe way of harnessing powerful bio-electrical energy that we have surrounding our bodies (called auras). Reiki healing treatments can help boost immunity and  health and improve physical and emotional problems and conditions using this relaxing energy. Results vary from person to person, so it’s a good idea to try one and see how it works for you.


Many people say they love to book a reiki treatment with health and healing sheffield (our reiki healing site) as it’s simply a really nice pamper! It’s nothing scary at all, in fact, with our reiki treatment room you can really enjoy a professional and relaxing experience of reiki healing. With gentle background music, warm candles and a comfy fleecy therapy bed you’ll be really glad you visited us. There is even a special dedicated time given after your reiki healing treatment to enjoy some talking therapy about your personal experience of reiki energy and what that means for you. It can be very illuminating! Reiki can give us messages that support and encourage us to heal and repair on a deeper level to regain balance and control back in our lives.


How do Reiki healing treatments help repair the body & mind?

Some people believe the use of this energy can help clear ‘blockages’ within the body (based on the japanese view of the body having meridians and chakras that can get ‘stuck’ and clogged up if there is a problem in your life causing a state a dis-‘ease’). Reiki in Sheffield may therefore definitely be of interest to people with ME, MS, physical problems and injuries, emotional and mental health and many other conditions.

Treatments and sessions are relaxing and comfortable, with gentle background music and soft candles helping to relax you on a soft therapeutic bed and have the bit of renewing and repairing me-time you need!

Treatments are fantastic for healing generally, calming and re-balancing chakras, cleansing chakras and re-balancing emotional upsets. They help to allow the body to feel stronger against future illnesses and improve physical conditions and ease health in a lot of cases.

Disclaimer: as an ethical practitioner, we suggest people try reiki first to see what benefits (if any) they gain. Results may vary from person to person and of course, results therefore can vary. Reiki is safe and natural, powerful and deeply relaxing however results can vary dramatically due to the nature of the healing offered. We have provided testimonies from clients for your peace of mind below.

Try reiki today by sending Shauna a message now, or read the testimonies and find out more about how reiki with Shauna at Health and Healing Sheffield has helped others with physical and emotional conditions by reading their testimonies here: Clients testimonies of reiki in Sheffield

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