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It is important to feel comfortable and confident when choosing a hypnotherapist. Viewing a website alone is not always enough to make such a decision.

Free consultations that are easy to enjoy

Some of you may prefer to reach out before deciding and that’s fine too. With a free consultation online, over the phone or in person, you can have total peace of mind about making the right decision for you. You can discover more about hypnosis and hypnotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and Neuro Linguistic programming (NLP) and how it works, discuss any concerns and ask any questions – all with complete confidentiality. relaxing consultation chair

Peace of mind

There is no obligation to commit to a hypnotherapy session – It should be remembered, it is entirely up to you after you find the right hypnotherapist in Sheffield (or online) what course of action you would like to take – whether you decide to either proceed with Hypnotherapy, arrange another time for your session, or simply have some time to consider if Hypnotherapy feels right for you.

Easy location & parking

The practice is based in Sheffield in a relaxing leafy residential space, with nearby shops and cafes to the location on Five Trees Avenue right next to the river Sheaf (S17 3LW). There is a little white bridge and it’s the left bungalow, with parking outside. The space is a little retreat, professional, welcoming and comfortable.

Hypnotherapy at home

I currently am available to travel to some clients for private hypnotherapy appointments in their home, around Sheffield, Dronfield, Chesterfield & the nearby peaks in Derbyshire. Please note, additional fees are charged for this domiciliary hypnotherapy health care service in your home to cover extra time travelling and petrol. Clients from outside this area are more than welcome to have an initial consultation via telephone or via e-mail to save on travel and check suitability, before booking in sessions if they prefer this service for its specialisms. We’d love to hear from you. Feel free to get in touch with us now.

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