Hypnotherapy for Anxiety, Panic, Fear & Phobias


Are you looking for hypnotherapy for anxiety, fear, social anxiety, panic or a phobia that’s just getting a life of it’s own? If so, you’re not alone…and you’re in safe hands here at Hypnotherapy In Sheffield.

You’re in the right place to sort this out

Hypnotherapy and hypnosis are effective and rapid at helping fears and phobias as well as anxieties, anxious thoughts and panic.

Anxieties can often start from very good rational thinking, however, sometimes they can get out of check, developing into something that affects our day to day normal duties, and can cause people to start to change their life because of it. This is often when people (or loved ones) notice the negative aspects of it and seek to find a solution.

Well done in taking the first step to freedom and reading up on how hypnotherapy can work for you or a loved one in getting rid of anxiety! 

If you’re ready to get help in regaining your freedom, get in touch via text or phone call for a free consultation on 07909 894516 or 0114 2509555 , or send me a message here now. Remember, it’s free to start, so ask yourself, ‘what could I get out of this?’

How does hypnotherapy work for anxiety, panic and phobias?

Hypnotherapy works great for anxiety and fear, helping to move a client into theta brain wave activity (a natural trance state, similar to being engrossed in a good tv programme) where it can more easily access a ‘system update’. In theta brain state (trance), when we give your unconscious mind a series of extremely targeted suggestions and instructions that we design together, it’s a little bit like an update to your technology. The subconscious mind opens up the app store, and gives permission for the update to be installed. Your mind then works better, feels more at ease, productive, efficient, comfortable and calm. When you work on the subconscious heart of the matter, the mind can resolve it easier and quicker and is susceptible to these updates, just like an out of date computer needs a little maintenance now and again.

It takes on average 3-7 hypnotherapy sessions for most people to really reduce their anxiety, agoraphobia, emetophobia or panic attacks and boost up confidence, giving back so much comfort and independence!

What should I expect from a hypnotherapy session with Shauna at Hypnotherapy in Sheffield?

Here at Hypnotherapy in Sheffield we combine a particularly magical mix of professional techniques that we are super proud of! We use Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), parts of Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT) parts of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), and Brain Working Recursive Therapy (BWRT). However, we are not just obsessed with the latest cutting edge training for you – we have a personal understanding and experience of living with anxiety disorder.

Shauna used to have anxiety disorder and agoraphobia herself in the past (you can read about it in this article on agoraphobia here), and spent a large chunk of time off school. As a ‘anxious young person with mental health issues’ as she was known back then, instead of it disrupting her future, she passed all her exams, and went on to study psychology and human behaviour in order to specialise in emotional wellbeing work, and revolutionalise mental health services, campaigning for better mental health education in schools and toolkits that work quick and easy for people.

She has helped to form one of the most effective and knowledgeable private services in South Yorkshire for those with anxiety, working with many adults, children with Aspergers and autism (Autistic Spectrum Disorder), young people in school, adults with BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder) and university students suffering from anxiety and stress. All of these clients are now doing better. Brilliant eh? Who says dark clouds don’t have silver linings?

When you decide on sessions with a hypnotherapist like Shauna, you will get comfortable on a luxury hypnotherapy bed, and the hypnotherapy you hear will calm and still the mind (this is quite amazing) and then target the impact of certain frightening, panic attack causing or anxiety causing triggers. Here at Hypnotherapy in Sheffield, your hypnotherapist Shauna will be using cutting edge key techniques with the hypnosis to get MAJOR SHIFTS happening RAPIDLY to dry up anxiety and deliver strong self confidence and comfort.

The sessions feel safe and you can feel them working

Treatments  have a calm and easy feel that’s enjoyable (because you can feel them working to enhance your comfort and confidence), yet they powerfully and consistently layer up with each one to defend against the common aspects of depression and fear, anxiety and panic, defeating and conquering the common signs and symptoms of anxiety. General Anxiety Disorder (GAD), panic attacks, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), agoraphobia, health anxiety and fear and phobias all REALLY improve with this unique combination and change in a way you can actually feel working as it empowers you!


Why if you have anxiety, you should totally work with Shauna at Hypnotherapy in Sheffield

First of all, I love my job –  the reason is because I myself experienced anxiety and phobias (agoraphobia, emetophobia & social phobia – again more on that here) for a long period in the past, which inspired me later down the line to dedicate my whole career towards liberating others as quickly and effectively as possible. This makes me so passionate & experienced at nailing the fear rapidly for you – because I know what works from both sides of the fence and I know how amazing it is to become free of a massively limiting fear.

I will help you get back that easy, natural feeling inside that you long for, that control and power over your thinking and feeling, session by session, so that you will feel more independent, more in the driving seat, naturally, clear and comfy in your thinking and sensations in your body. I have an excellent record of success, changing, reducing and in many cases eradicating controlling fears and phobias to empowering, freeing and non-limiting states. Returning people back to their confident best and freeing people to lead a normal life, rapidly and effectively. Let me help you to break out confidently and comfortably and stop feeling anxious. Get in touch now! 

Get in touch via text or phone call for a free consultation on 07909 894516 or 0114 2509555 , or send me a message here now. Remember, it’s completely free to come along, for your peace of mind.

Quick and effective relief

Banish fears! Such as fear of flying (you no longer have to fear being terrified of flying when you use hypnotherapy for flying), fear of going back to work or fear of leaving the house (agoraphobia or social phobia), health anxiety, and you can get rid of old stuck behaviours like intrusive thoughts, OCD, GAD or negative thinking patterns quickly and effectively with hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Try us today!

‘Unlearn anxiety’

Together, step by step, we can gently work with the unconscious part of the brain in a relaxing and enjoyable way to ‘unlearn anxiety’ and limiting behaviours and mentally rehearse new, more comfy and confident ways. Imagine every part of you lets go of the fear, stops feeling so much panic and anxiety, and feels comfortable moving forwards in your life…  it feels safe, better and free. It makes sense, doesn’t it? 

Whether it’s a phobia of spiders, a fear of cats, dogs or animals, fear of flying, social anxiety, feeling scared of being sick or a fear of sick, negative thoughts and negative thinking all the time, agoraphobia, school phobia, obsessive or intrusive thoughts and feelings, fear of contracting HIV or health phobia, hypnosis here at Hypnotherapy in Sheffield has helped hundreds of people to get rid of their phobias and get rid of anxiety! Why should you suffer?

People often say “But i’ve been feeling this anxiety for years, I guess it’ll take years to get back to normal…” yet with hypnosis and therapy, fears really can be re-trained within a few sessions (usually between 3-7). The most common thing they say after is ‘I wish I’d have known about this years ago! I’d have done it sooner! I feel free, I can’t tell you how grateful I am!’ You can feel more confident and in control again… and you really can notice the changes after each session – just try it for yourself – as you consistently become the person you WANT to be!

For your peace of mind

Firstly, please note, you will not be required in this therapy to make direct physical contact with any fears or phobias. Don’t worry at all! You may find it useful to attend a no-obligation free consultation prior to booking a session so you can ask any questions and learn more about how hypnotherapy for anxiety may help you.

During the consultation no hypnosis will take place and it is a relaxed, informal opportunity to talk through any worries or thoughts and gain further reassurance as to what a typical hypnotherapy for anxiety session is like. A more confident lifestyle could be just a few steps away!

Contact us today! Get in touch with us at Hypnotherapy in Sheffield for more information or to book a session. Text or call for a free consultation on 07909 894516 or 0114 2509555 , or send me a message here now. 

We aim to answer all forms submitted within 72 hours, and will contact you ASAP using the contact method you prefer.