Individual tailor made therapy / a combination approach

Hypnotherapy has been proven to be very successful, rapid and economical in helping people to change, develop & uncover the subconscious heart of a matter. We know it promotes a happier, more confident and in control lifestyle.

Hypnotherapy-Sheffield-WordleWe also understand that subconscious thoughts and feelings can be very powerful, and that talking alone doesn’t always resolve things, that some people are analytical, or like to ‘do’ things to resolve issues. At Hypnotherapy in Sheffield we embrace each person for who they are, and offer a tailor made, engaging combined approach that meets the needs and preferences of each client, utilising several different therapies:

  • Clinical Hypnotherapy – a form of listening to instructions that relax and lead you into a more comfortable ‘open thinking’ state of deep relaxation, this can help in locating and talking about the heart of the matter and encouraging subconscious change there, so that ‘every part’ of you is motivated and supporting the new way forward
  • PSy-TaP (Psycho-Sensory Techniques and Practices) pioneering a mixture of TFT/EFT, visual recoding (VCRT) invented by Kevin Laye & other groundbreaking breakthrough techniques.
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) – to assess your thoughts, learnt patterns of behaving and understand your current reality, sometimes given as home tasks and great when combined with hypnosis and NLP
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) – This is a series of techniques and processes that convert behaviours, thoughts and feelings into more successful, useful ones using interactive techniques and instructions, mind tools and guided relaxation. Previous clients say that these are creative and fun!
  • Brief Solution Focused Therapy – This is about boosting or changing a feeling rapidly, without going too in-depth into the past or difficult issues. Instead, it focuses on the future, exploring solutions and ways forward to move you from feeling ‘overwhelmed’ to temporarily ‘back in control’
  • Performance / Hypnotic Coaching – The Hypnotic coaching technique is used whilst the client is under hypnosis and is a very effective way of finding out subconscious reasons behind why a client’s performance may sometimes be inconsistent. This removes barriers and concerns and improves motivation, determination and skill, increasing confidence and consistent performance. We also offer general coaching and performance coaching, which doesn’t involve any hypnosis.
  • Reiki (for clients who select it) – due to its unique and concentrated relaxing healing benefit

With this holistic and interactive combination of therapies, Hypnotherapy in Sheffield can work with you in a way you prefer. It has the best chance of unsticking behaviours, eradicating negative subconscious thoughts about yourself, ‘rewiring’ negative experiences from the past and mentally creating and rehearsing much better, more confident experiences, paving the way for more longer term change.

Hypnotherapy helps thousands of people everyday to relax, enhance positive experiences & behaviours that really work. Invest once for a whole better future, and see, hear and feel the difference in your life. Ask yourself, ‘why would someone choose not to try it?’

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