Stress, Burnout and Sickness



Is work stressing you out? Or is there something else turning up the pressure? Too much pressure or demand in life can lead to stress & tension which breaks down the body (and spirit) over time… Not good. Jobs like social work, nursing, midwifery, the forces, civil services and corporate businesses are all known for their increasing stressful workloads and long-term mental demands on individuals.

But what is stress? Stress is defined as: “The adverse reaction people have to excessive pressures or other types of demand placed on them.” – ISMA Website

People usually define being ‘stressed’ as when the body and mind start to react in an unhelpful or ‘ill’ way to repetitive pressure and find it hard to switch off from it. Sometimes this is because there are simply too many pressures or demands happening at once, or over too long a period of time to manage.

Whatever the reason for your stress, when the combined effect of difficult tasks or feelings become overwhelming in your life, stress occurs. Stress is not good for you. Stress is an unhealthy and damaging state of body and mind.


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‘Nearly three quarters of all adults (74%) have at some point over the last year felt so stressed they felt overwhelmed or unable to cope.’, national survey 2018

Additionally, 81% of women said this compared to 67 percent of men.
83% of 18-24 year-olds said this compared to 65 percent of people aged 55 and over.
32% of adults said they had experienced suicidal feelings as a result of stress in 2018.

Stress symptoms are a serious national pandemic. They have real biological destructive forces on ageing and primary organs of the body. Stress can affect work performance, home life, relationships with partners and children…. the list is endless. Some clients don’t even know how different they are behaving and how stressed it’s making them until close ones point it out.

It’s a good idea to take that stress off your shoulders and get some practical and useful personal support.

Many clients say “It’s not possible to reduce the pressure I’m under, it’s my job I have to do it, but it’s just getting so intense!” Sometimes stress can make you feel like you don’t have an any alternatives. It is however, always possible to change your biological and emotional reactions to these stressors with hypnotherapy for stress. You CAN reduce the stress response and protect your health, lifestyle, personality and key relationships with those around you.


Take the ‘Are You Stressed?’ Test, now!

woman looks stressedCount if you have any of the following symptoms and signs of stress:

If you have answered 3 or more with a yes, you could have high stress levels that pose a danger to your body! You could definately benefit from reducing your stress, releasing some tension and improving your emotional and physical health.


Don’t panic, relaxing help is at hand – How we can help

man_relaxAt Hypnotherapy in Sheffield we can help your body and mind to completely relax, very deeply let go of tensions and get to the subconscious heart of issues and worries, so that your body can start repairing and regenerating from the build up of stress. We give practical tools and solutions for stress management that really relax and focus the body and mind, so you can take back clarity and control within seconds of spotting the symptoms of stress.

It’s actually quite simple…ask yourself, ‘Could I go on like this forever?’ If the answer makes you shudder with worry, then something HAS to change now and part of you already knows it. Hypnotherapy for stress is more affordable than people often think, it’s a short term powerful intervention, that stops stress in it’s tracks and helps you take complete calm control. We are here to help you reconnect with your body and thoughts, prioritise unwinding and relaxing, repairing and resolving any stresses and finding solutions all that practically fit a busy lifestyle!

Some people think “there are no changes I can make!” Rest assured – you’re the ideal client to leave feeling inspired, stronger, far more relaxed, in more control and happier than you imagined possible.

We have extremely effective tools to help you monitor and manage your stress, so that you can live the rest of your life simply MUCH healthier!

For more information on how hypnotherapy for stress could help you, feel free to contact Hypnotherapy in Sheffield now for a free, relaxing consultation where you can find out more or to book an appointment to get conquering that stress now!


Clients sometimes ask: ‘Can stress actually be good for you?’

Family FightingSome clients have said they thought stress was ok and can be helpful in achieving lots at once and that as the body gets ‘extra’ adrenalin to help, like when preparing to run, or exercise for instance, that this must be a healthy or good thing. Unfortunately, this is not true, the reason for this is because occasionally releasing stress hormones can help us in an emergency, or sudden exercise (like the above example), but lifestyle stress is very different as it often keeps building up gradually until it’s happening in the background constantly and the body starts getting used to it as it’s normal state – a little adrenaline and stress hormone being released into our blood every hour, even when we’re trying to ‘switch off’.

The human body is not designed to have these stress-hormone chemicals in the bloodstream all the time at all, and without proper management, it leads to illness, tiredness, spotty skin, dehydration, headaches, panic, heart palpitations (racing heart), anxiety states, tension states like fidgeting or picking / biting skin or nails, excess sweating, back ache, chest pain, high blood pressure, ulcers, strokes and heart attacks.


Clients also sometimes ask ‘Can something stressful cause a ‘trauma’?’

stress-posterYes, it can. If something really upset you or undermined you, frightened you or disturbed you a ‘trauma’ can occur around that area. A trauma is like a reminder flag that the body creates as a warning, so everytime this trigger or reminder flag is stumbled across, the body immediately has a strong emotional and physical reaction and goes into survival mode –  it worries and immediately causes a very stressful and uncomfortable feeling so the body can avoid this item / scenario that it believes poses a threat to the survival of the individual. This is known as post traumatic stress disorder or PTSD for short.

Over a number of months, stress can cause a lot of internal damage, weakening the body and it’s immune system to the equivalent of years of wear and tear. This is why after a stressful period of time in someones life, people often comment ‘it’s put years on them’ as they look or behave like they have aged many years in just a few months. We can really help you to resolve and move forwards with these traumas.

Interested in how hypnotherapy for stress could release your tension? Would you like to feel calmer, clearer and more confident in your life?

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