Relationships, Intimacy & Sex

bed-relationship-difficultiesAre you struggling with a relationship breakdown, relationship problem or issue with intimacy? If you can access our South Yorkshire clinic, you are in the right place.

Everybody knows relationships can have ups and downs. In most relationships people work together through difficult patches and progress past relationship problems to make a healthier, strong and satisfying relationship that is rewarding for both partners… but this isn’t easy, and some issues within relationships can cause deep upset, embarrassment, distress, mistrust or trauma to a person or families, especially if they lead to low self confidence, fear, betrayal or breakdown.

Firstly, if you’re reading this for yourself or someone close to you, you’re not alone. Thousands of people everyday turn to therapies for support and guidance because of issues or concerns within a close relationship. With it being such a big part of peoples’ lives, ask yourself “Why would someone choose not to get support?”

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Relationship Challenges

Be it respect, anger, stress, cheating, laziness, parenting differences, snoring,  infidelity, frustration, lack of romance, break ups, walk outs, addiction… the list of ups and downs are plentiful and of varying degrees, yet nobody is taught how to prepare for or deal with relationship problems if (and when) the time comes. Hypnotherapy in Sheffield is proven to support you through to feeling more you again, more confident, clear and comfortable about what you want and how to get it.


Could we really be breaking up?

couple arguingAre you scared you’re going to get divorced, or break up with your partner, or perhaps you want help coping or getting used to being on your own? Remaining in control and feeling ok during or after a relationship breakdown can be one of the best ways to move forwards quicker.

Sometimes if you’re a mum or a dad, it can feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders, and you can be worried about the impact a divorce or splitting up will have on your children. At Hypnotherapy in Sheffield, we understand the fear you have, and can assure you that we provide both support and confidence building for you to keep strong and safe for your family, whilst also having one to one specialist child hypnotherapy services all in one place, should you feel this is necessary for your childs’ wellbeing later down the line. (More can be found on the specialised hypnotherapy service for children here.)

Maybe you would just like to feel stronger in your current relationship, to work on the connection together, and feel more comfortable in yourself, or more confident, laid-back and ready, whatever happens?

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Intimacy & Sex (non-medical, psychological areas)

couple-in-bed-distressed-woman-thinking-about-relationship-worried-about-sexual-problemsDo you ever feel worried, self conscious or uncomfortable with intimacy or sexual performance?

If so these feelings can make us feel self conscious, anxious, ashamed, under pressure, claustrophobic, embarrassed, have a loss of self confidence or even become angry. Perhaps, you are a concerned partner of someone who you feel is affected by an issue with sex or intimacy?

Partners of those experiencing an intimacy problem can often feel alone, self conscious or unattractive, rejected, unloved, blame themselves, feel confused, neglected, feel like they’re ‘walking on eggshells’  and / or feel sexually or emotionally frustrated. Hypnotherapy & hypnosis can help ease this psychologically, giving useful coping mechanisms, more patience and nurture self esteem and confidence.

Distant_relationshipDifficulties with sex & intimacy can be caused by a number of areas. Hypnotherapy in Sheffield can offer hypnosis services to help with the following areas: 

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Restrictive routines or preferences in sex

Some people have certain routines or preferences before intimacy or sex that have to be followed to bring them a sense of comfort or pleasure, that can be difficult for a new partner to understand or adapt to. Others, like sex or pornography addiction may be becoming a problem between partners and put serious stress and discomfort into a relationship. Hypnotherapy for relationships can often help the mind to select positive new ways to enjoy intimacy in a natural and rewarding way.


Generalised Discomfort with Intimacy

a_man_comforts_another_manIntimacy issues can often also affect everyday relationships with those around us as well, not just sexual or close partners but family members, friends and work colleagues.

Many people, for instance, who feel uncomfortable with some intimacy, struggle talking on the phone to others or asking those close to them for support.

The great news is, if you’re reading this, you’re not alone! This page alone gets several hits a day in Sheffield and from people across South Yorkshire, showing relationships and intimacy issues are a common source of worry in peoples’ lives.

Ask yourself “Why wait any longer to fix this area and experience more happiness?” Hypnotherapy is used discreetly everyday by millions of people around the world to successfully change behaviour and rapidly help uncover the heart of the matter so it can be realised and let go of.  Why not free yourself up to fully enjoy good relationships with those around you too!

couple-holding-hands-together-reaching-outHypnosis can boost and enhance a more natural comfort in reaching out and connecting in an intimate way and can often bring heightened confidence, relaxation and enjoyment to each other for the longer future, encouraging a deeper, more natural, relaxed sensual experience together. Get in touch with us today!

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For your peace of mind, the unique combination of relationship and intimacy hypnotherapy available at Hypnotherapy in Sheffield includes: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and clinical Hypnotherapy. This combination can powerfully help:checklist_visual

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Disclaimer: results may vary from person to person and cannot be guaranteed. Testimonials have been provided on this site for your peace of mind.