So I was out exploring the beautiful place of Matlock Bath recently when, with Dan (my husband), I stumbled upon a tight sliver of a hill. It bent up at such a tight angle, my instinct was it would kill me to try and assail it and it probably stopped just behind the shops in front of it anyway that obscured it.

Dan was excited, and convinced me to explore it and live a little, just like the people who are eagerly out hunting for Pokemon… and so we trekked up… and up…. and twisted back on ourselves… and then up some more…. and up again… until we found ourselves near a place called ‘the Heights of Abraham.’ It was stunning. I totally nearly didn’t have this experience. How is any of this related to Pokemon Shauna? I hear you say. Okay, you’re right to ask that question.


Well, first of all, I wanted to avoid the hill because I was in a lazy mood.  I wanted to ‘catch the easy Pokemon’. I was all about the rattata, pidgey or weedle.

shauna_in_matlockSecondly – Check out this view! It was so beautiful once we reached it and I immediately thought of how I may have never seen it – and the photo doesn’t come close to giving it justice.  This was like finding a ‘super rare Pokemon’. Come here you Growlithe….

Thirdly, we spotted the cutest cottages etched right into the very cliff edges we were walking up. There was an old apple tree as well, bending right over the pathway, invitingly shimmering with tasty looking green and red apples – we both enjoyed one in the heat of the sun, it was delicious! It was as unexpected and enjoyable as stumbling upon a goldeen!


My point? Don’t always take the safe or easy option.

Do explore, do say ‘Okay then!’, do go for it, even if you’re feeling a bit ‘Meh’ about an idea or have to rest later!

Life has some amazing, surprising treats in store for you, but, just like with the lesser spotted Pokemon Qwilfish – you gotta hunt them out! Life has made it fun for you – it wouldn’t be half as exciting to explore if every interesting unique place were all in a boring row. Happy hunting!

Let me know what you find.


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