So what is reiki?

Reiki healing treatments involve a person relaxing in a lovely, peaceful space, whilst a reiki practitioner (or ‘reiki master’ if they are an expert or ‘reiki healer’ as many people call them) use the natural, bio-electrical activity and energy that surrounds the body (known as the ‘aura’, that operates within and around our bodies), to create a powerful & relaxing wave-like feeling of healing.

Whether it’s stimulating the immune system, or rebalancing the chakras (seven key locations in our bodies where there is a lot of activity and energy), reiki can help people across all 4 areas of health – physically, emotionally, sexually and spiritually to feel better.


The body reveals a lot of information on the 4 areas of health in a person, which is fed back to you here with me in the treatment. In a peaceful, candle lit therapy space, as a client you are able to relax on the bed, drifitng away as the warming energy flows through you, and then receive an understanding about what your body revealed about your health, why that could be, and how it can be managed better moving forwards!

Because Reiki treatments are so natural and deeply serene, they are a safe way of helping those who may be feeling run down, weak or tired, such as those with fibromyalgia or ME. It naturally harnesses the powerful bio-electrical energy that we have surrounding our bodies and this stimulates an immuno-boosting response in the body’s chakras, clearing them and balancing the chakras. Healing energy work can help boost immunity and  health and improve physical, sexual, spiritual and emotional problems and conditions using this relaxing energy.


reiki-woman relaxing

Results may vary from person to person, so it’s a good idea to try one and see how it works for you. Reiki is also very beneficial for those seeking more enlightenment. But you’ll find that out for yourself!

Come and give this incredibly fascinating and relaxing treatment a try for yourself and see how it feels for you!

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