Many people often get in touch with me at to find out how to stop drinking alcohol using hypnosis. Hypnotherapy can help you to stop drinking, but it is important to realise it will not cure you overnight! To find out more about how it can help you to quit drink, read on….


When people ask ‘How do I stop drinking?’ My first thoughts are always that the hardest step has been taken. You’ve identified a problem – potentially a life threatening, relationship ending, family depriving, MAJOR barrier to happiness. Yet it still feels from time to time that it’s the drink that helps you cope with all of these scary or negative thoughts. You should feel proud of even thinking about wanting to stop drinking as that shows your mind is already figuring out how to be free.

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No one is a robot. Our feelings and emotions can be upsetting, difficult to process and make us feel like failures to boot. If you have a drinking habit on top of other problems in your life (which most people do) it can seem like a pretty big mountain to even consider climbing.


Being addicted to alcohol means you are feeling like crap in the mornings (the time of day you’d normally be sorting stuff out), you are hiding in the evenings (drinking alone or just with other drinkers) and weekends can be hit or miss. The key time to change your life therefore is usually between 12-8pm! Check the clock now – give yourself a pat on the back if it’s between this time. If not, write this article or my name down on a piece of paper right now. Do it. That way, tomorrow, you can look at it between that time and give yourself a pat on the back. Plus you’ll know who to get in touch with next.


Now, you might be thinking of cutting down alcohol, or cutting down your drinking because, well, you’re not ready to give it up. But what if I told you that’s a fucking excuse and you know it? You’re life revolves around it and its slowly drying and inflating your body as it kills you. Would you be surprised? Or are you actually nodding right now?

Sometimes it takes someone to be really straight with you so you can be straight with yourself and sure enough, a magical thing happens. You begin to take back your power over yourself. Not over alcohol. Just over yourself. Hypnosis can help you to feel differently about stopping drinking alcohol. It can help you to feel less interested, less inclined, feel less need to drink.

The alcohol habit can begin to weaken – so you feel your confidence and energy levels start to come back. It works by relaxing your mind into a theta state (a bit like sleep mode on a computer) compared to  the fast and alert Beta brain waves (like when our computer is scrolling through Facebook and lining up an episode on Netflix). In this relaxed state, it is able to absorb positive suggestions for change much easier at a more powerful, deeper level.  This can help many thousands of people everyday to become the person they want to be, using hypnotherapy.

It’s still extremely advisable that your GP is in touch with you to make sure you safely come off drink and push up your sugar levels in the short term – there’s so much sugar in alcohol your body becomes tolerant to large levels and it can have a shock if you suddenly cut it out – not to worry you, it’s fine if you take some basic steps – but it’s advisable you have specialist support alongside hypnotherapy to help you kick it to the kerb.


If you’re serious about wanting to stop drinking and get free of being addicted to alcohol – there is a way and you can do it.

Get in touch with me, Shauna, at Hypnotherapy in Sheffield to find out more, or contact your local GP to start the ball rolling today, at your own pace.

There are also many free 12 step programmes you can access as well – look here at the North East Region group for Alcoholics Anonymous for local groups. Remember – some free groups are better than others. Not all are superreligious either. Shop around! If it doesnt feel right, it isn’t. Simply attend another! – that’s right, try a few and simply choose one of the groups that is most filled with people similar to yourself (similar jobs, statuses, relationships, kids, ages etc where you felt ‘normal’. This bit is really important. Trust me, once you’ve been you’ll understand). Oh and… Good luck my friend.

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