Shauna_NaylorI was really proud recently when I was contacted by Sheffield Unchained (features independent Sheffield people, organisations and businesses who they feel offer something of particular value) to get reviewed for my hypnotherapy sessions!

As a hypnotherapist

As a hypnotherapist, I work with men, women and their children on all sorts of issues from anxiety, to sleep problems to weight loss. It could be a habit or phobia that’s got way out of line and the person just thinks “enough’s enough, I’m getting help in taking my life back!” I like to work with people rapidly and effectively to take back control and comfort in their lives, be it to be the parent they want to be, or the partner they want to be, or just the person they’d like to be. It’s possible!

The interview to test my techniques as a hypnotherapist

Now, when two Sheffield Unchained journalists came (albeit lovely people), I’m not going to lie, I was a little nervous as I knew the readership of Sheffield Unchained was big and that they only featured, in my eyes, the ‘cream of the crop’ so to speak. So I prepped for my interview first and then delivered a hypnotherapy session to a total stranger. To say I was pleased with the passion they picked up on within me was an understatement! Phew! I was over the moon that they’d really felt how strongly I believed in people, in everyone’s right to shine and saw it coming through in the session! They said I delivered “Hypnotherapy for Health & Healing”, which I think sums it up nicely actually.

How the NHS should offer free hypnotherapy for people in Sheffield

They were equally in agreement with my attitude that the NHS should help to make hypnotherapy more widely available based on the successful results it often gets in the majority of cases.

They asked what someone should do if there’s a person curious about if Hypnotherapy could be right for them, to which my main advice would be to get in touch – It’s really so personal what people are wanting to change and why, so I offer a free consultation for your peace of mind so we can really get to know each other and the goal you may have  (and I’m super friendly and relaxed as well, so you can just get the info and take it from there!).

I can usually help with anything that your mind is getting in the way of; For instance anxiety, habits, practised behaviours, belief systems or addictions and more. As with all therapy, results may vary from person to person!

Just drop me an email to say hi or text or phone for more. ( in**@hy*********************.uk or Tel: 07909 894516.)

Thanks for sharing in my success. Have a good day guys!