It’s known for it’s super speed (many of the tailored techniques take under 5 minutes only) and rapid effectivity and GP’s are amongst the growing tribe of practitioners (with both partnered trainers in Psy-Tap also being GPs) but Psy-TaP is causing a stir amongst professionals in the field of therapy up and down the length of the country.

Why? Well the founder of this precise set of techniques and procedures, Kevin Laye, has drawn on his extensive study and practice of some well known and well evidenced therapeutic interventions and given them a facelift…. taking years off clients’ therapy bills and freeing their time up in the process.

Designed (amongst his own original breakthroughs as well) to be collectively used together based on his successful track record (Kevin has been practising on the prestigious Harley Street and has worked with several leaders in the field including Paul Mckenna, Richard Bandler [of NLP fame] & Roger Callaghan [founder of TFT ‘tapping’ therapy] amongst others) to create a super-charged, powered up therapy session. Many clients are leaving after just one session stating they feel cured of the psychological issue they walked in with!


Professionals around the world in this field are understandably cautious of these ‘one shop, one stop’ miracle cures… but Kevin isn’t a novice to this field, and comes armed with evidence. Kevin corroborates (amongst other things) his externally verified stop-smoking session (87% success rate monitored by the Office of National Statistics), Roger Callaghan’s efficacy studies for TFT, and physics prep galore; as we learn more about the human body and brain over an intense weekend than we remember from the first year of a psychology degree.

Now, I’m sorry to my therapy buds but I can’t give away any secrets i’m afraid… however, all I can say is, I completely understand why everyone in the therapy workplace is brushing off their therapy manuals and shaking in their boots right now (or should be). There’s a new man in town, and if they don’t learn soon enough how to shoot fast and true to get their clients feeling that shift take place in a session*, they’ll be left behind in the dust.


Psy-Tap sessions are available now at Hypnotherapy In Sheffield for the introductory offer of £90 for 45 minutes booked by appointment in advance.  Get in touch to find out more or book a session.

Psy-Tap training is still accessible this year in Oslo, but availability is limited. Places on Psy-Tap training from Jan 2018 will be £2000+ and is strictly restricted to 50 delegates only. These places are available directly through Kevin Laye & his co-partners. You must be active in the field and passionate about demonstrating your desire to take your skills to the highest level. More details can be found here.


*UK law dictates we remind the reader that results may vary from person to person, no results are guaranteed and you are advised to seek out a reputable, insured and registered hypnotherapy service like Hypnotherapy in Sheffield and read testimonials for your peace of mind in the service offered.

Thanks for reading and enjoy your day.