So… let me commend you on researching hypnotherapy. It’s amazeballs! You won’t regret it. Now, let’s talk about the challenge of finding the right hypnotherapist. After all, what if they don’t get you, after all your hard research?

Finding a great hypnotherapy service

Here are the 8 key Do’s and Don’ts to get you well on the way to happiness!


  1. The first thing? Do look for a service that is registered with a membership body. The UK membership bodies predominantly are the NCH (the National Council for Hypnotherapy) or it could be the GHR (the General Hypnotherapy Register).
  2. Do bag a really good therapist by seeing if they’re on the CNHC (the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council) vetted list. Registrants can be vetted by the government endorsed CNHC and I would personally look for therapists who have taken that extra step in registering and allowing their certifications and processes to be examined through the CNHC. The key membership bodies above set out guidelines in how we should operate for a safe and helpful experience for you, so make sure that’s in place.
  3. Don’t accept a therapist that doesn’t see a supervisor that they can name straight away and tell you about. Your hypnotherapist needs to be accessing regular supervision and with a good supervisor. The supervisor ideally should be an expert in their niche area of the field. For instance, the supervisor could be an author, could have training courses in hypnotherapy or could have had relatively large success in a particular niche in the hypnotherapy field. Supervision enables a therapist to have somewhere to turn to for development if they’re getting stuck on your case – this ensures they keep on learning and developing, which is definitely what you want to benefit from as one of their clients.
  4. Do choose an environment you really like the sound of and feel of. What type of environment you’d prefer from your hypnotherapy experience is also a choice. There are clinical settings which are quite plain and basic, corporate settings, centres (where the rooms might be small for instance or formal), or private settings where it may be more relaxed and comforting or laid back, with comfortable chairs and fabrics and easy parking, for instance. Everybody has different preferences over where they’d enjoy relaxing.Shauna's relaxing therapy space
  5. Do ensure that your hypnotherapist has up to date professional liability insurance. You really want to know this for a fact, because it is there to protect both of you and is critical in the hypnosis and therapy field. It’s important to check that your hypnotherapist is not cutting any corners when it comes to your safety, in terms of insurance, supervision and a comfortable, welcoming environment for you to access.
  6. Do ask around! You don’t need to disclose why you’re considering it, it can be personal, yet you can ask trusted friends and family to see if they’ve worked with any hypnotherapy services that they’ve really enjoyed positive impacts from. If the hypnotherapist is great and meets the above safety criteria listed above, you’re most likely on to a winner!
  7. Do make sure that you like the person you’re going to be working with! Do they give you the feeling that they really understand your particular needs? Do they sound friendly and knowledgeable and do you click with them? Don’t be afraid to message or call around, and pick the therapist that you’re most drawn to and that works best for you.
  8. Don’t stick with a therapist that’s not working out as you’d hoped. Once you’ve chosen hypnotherapy, if you feel after two or three sessions you’re not making progress or not connecting with your therapist, switch! Therapy sometimes is challenging, but ultimately you want to make sure that you enjoy the process of changing and becoming who you want to be with your particular therapist!

I hope you found this checklist helpful and I’d love to take the opportunity to wish you good luck in finding a good hypnotherapist, and the right hypnotherapy service for you!