Anyone who has ever tried to quit smoking using traditional methods can tell you how frustrating it can be.  An endless barrage of patches, gums, vaping and other devices which come with so much promise simply don’t have the desired effect for some smokers. So when you’ve tried everything else, or you simply want to try a more individualistic, mind-based approach to taking control of your nicotine addiction, then you should consider hypnosis for quitting smoking.

What Is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy (hypnosis) makes use of guided relaxation and intense concentration to bring about a heightened state of awareness, which is also referred to as a “trance” or “trance-like state”.

When you’re in that advanced state, you won’t be aware of anything that is going on around you and in this naturally occurring state, a therapist may guide you to focus your thoughts on a specific task. Hypnosis is considered a psychological aid to psychotherapy and it allows you to explore feelings of pain or trauma without the conscious negative consequences that you’d normally experience in a fully conscious state.  It also permits a therapist to get to the core of issues faster and to effect a level of subconscious suggestion that can lead towards a preset goal as is the case in hypnotherapy for smoking.

How Does Hypnotherapy Work?

The process involves two different effective behaviour change tools, those being suggestion therapy and analysis work. Suggestion therapy has been proven to help smokers quit as in the hypnotic state you become incredibly agreeable to changing certain behaviours or habits and as the change happens deep within your consciousness. Oftentimes, it can feel quite effortless especially as treatment is carried out, usually in one session!  Hypnosis for smoking cessation has proven results and could just be the solution you’ve been waiting for.

Hypnosis to Quit Smoking

Whether you’ve previously attempted to quit and failed or you’re only just now starting to realise that you need to get a handle on your smoking, Shauna Naylor Hypnotherapy in Sheffield could be just the solution you’ve been looking for.

Depending on the level of your nicotine and cannabis dependency, you could use hypnotherapy as a stand-alone treatment or it could be combined with replacement treatment, which you’ll discuss in detail with your therapist. Success rates vary from person to person but if you are already committed to stopping smoking, then hypnotherapy has traditionally yielded results in the upper 90th percentile range.

When you’re ready to stop smoking using hypnotherapy, you should reach out to Shauna Naylor Hypnotherapy as soon as possible.

Shauna T.R. Naylor, (DipH, HPD, DipNLP & HC. Reg. NCH) of Shauna Naylor Therapy says that she uses:

A dynamic, powerful and rapid type of hypnosis that complements the more relaxing parts of hypnotherapy… so you can get safe, confident results that you can feel, see and evidence happening. Rapid effective change is my bag, for you or your loved ones, in one- two hour long stop smoking hypnosis session, in most cases

That means that you have nothing to lose and years of an addiction free life to gain.

How Often Do You Have To Go For Treatment?

Usually with other issues, sessions would be weekly or fortnightly for a few months for permanent beneficial changes, but with stopping smoking it is optional to build up to a healthier mindset and then quit, or just do a one stop smoking session where you walk out a non smoker. Different people prefer different approaches.

In many cases, habit-forming dependencies (like smoking) have a root in a much deeper cause. If this is the case for you, this type of therapy is ideal for getting to the bottom of it in a manner that is not particularly invasive and will allow you to explore the issues around your dependency, without having to experience the trauma of all the associated emotions.

When you decide to stop smoking using hypnotherapy, you’ll find a whole new world waiting for you on the other side and when you visit Shauna Naylor in Sheffield, you could be smoke-free within just 1-2 sessions. There is always a way out. Click on Hypnosis to stop smoking near me, to learn more.

Why Is Nicotine Addiction So Powerful?

When you consider that smoking tobacco doesn’t create the same high that marijuana or other illicit drugs create, it becomes even stranger to contemplate just why it’s so addictive. Never mind the awful opioid addiction that’s currently sweeping many Western nations, tobacco-related deaths still number in the hundreds of thousands, possibly millions, annually.

So why is nicotine so addictive?  Nicotine, like other drugs, releases dopamine into the brain.  This pleasure causing hormone is particularly powerful in that it binds itself to the reward centres of the brain, causing the user to want more in increasing amounts and frequencies. This is coupled with the fact that tobacco companies have become incredibly sophisticated in what mixes and combinations of chemicals they apply to the product that makes cigarettes particularly addictive. But that emotional and psychological connection between smoking and dependency is also your potential source of relief.  When you choose hypnosis for smoking cessation, the nature of the therapy takes you to the very centre of your dependency so you can begin to unravel all of the emotional attachments that you may have towards your addiction.

Using hypnotherapy to stop smoking will be a powerful weapon in your anti-addiction arsenal.

Bringing It All Together

No one knows better than you do how powerful a nicotine and cannabis dependency can be.  It causes cancers, emphysema, lung cancer and a whole host of other internal as well psychological problems. But you can succeed using hypnosis for quitting smoking and within just 2-4 sessions you could be breathing freely all over again. A few of the best experiences that ex-smokers consistently report on being able to smell the rain and smell great themselves too!

Quitting smoking with hypnotherapy may seem like something you would have never normally considered, but ask yourself this..What is the alternative?

Quit smoking today – get in touch to book in!