Weight Loss & Maintenance

Wanting to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight? Interested in gastric bands?

Wanting to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight using hypnosis & hypnotherapy? Interested in gastric bands and whether we advise them or not? If you are reading this, let Hypnotherapy in Sheffield use hypnosis safely to take the weight off your shoulders...in a positive, natural & exciting way!

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For all the weight watchers amongst us, life can feel like a never ending cycle of weight loss and weight gain, more weight gain, then a bit lost... agh, it can be sooooo frustrating. Sound familiar? With yo-yo dieting, lapsed gym memberships and dreams of getting back into our nice clothes... weight gain can leave you feeling fat, flabby, ugly and fed up. 

But there's so many ideas out there, it's hard to know what to do for the best. Nothing has properly 'stuck' so far. Well, just consider hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy works in helping people lose weight not because it changes the way we eat (although this helps), it works because it changes the way we view and feel about ourselves. It's honest, but also caring. Powerful, but relaxing too. Weight loss hypnosis using a trained and experienced hypnotherapist is like having your own one to one cheerleader who can help you boost motivation to lose weight and get you feeling alive again... sexy, confident, energised!  Let me be your cheerleader!

Hypnotherapy in Sheffield use a few cool tricks and techniques from CBT, NLP, Coaching and Clinical hypnosis to bring you a power package of help to cut out negative eating or food habits, such as aiding you in how to break sugar addictions or helping you stop eating chocolate or help on how to stop eating sweets. Also to power up majorly and get feeling really positive about working out, sweating, eating healthy and wearing great clothing as your body slims. You don't need special weight loss foods to get fit and healthy, weight loss teas, or diets to lose weight quick... healthy weight loss is easier, safer and more natural for us all - and it's easier than you think! 

Why feel tired and fed up of being overweight any longer? What you can expect from the free assessment session 

Together we'll pull out all the stops and work towards not only understanding what you eat, but why. Using the power of hypnosis, we can retrain and motivate your mind to love nutritious eating and actually enjoy get fit and active - so you can pat yourself on the back for being fantastic, slim and super healthy! 

Things we might explore together in the assessment about your current weight:

  • What is my motivation to lose/gain weight using hypnotherapy?
  • Do I eat the kind of food that creates health and energy in my body?
  • When do I eat too much/too little or the wrong things? (Consider if you feel bored, stressed, happy, empty, lonely, angry, overwhelmed, afraid, sad, anxious, depressed for instance)
  • Is there someone or something that is making you stressed or upset at the moment?
  • How does attending 'weight clubs' make me feel (weight watchers, slimmers world etc)?
  • Is the problem one of eating too much/too little or is it a different problem?
  • Do I snack between meals, or do I skip meals?
  • Do I have to eat everything on my plate?
  • When was the first time I actually felt ‘fat’/'stick-like'?
  • Do I feel unattractive currently or indifferent?
  • Is there something in my life that is a little bit... er, out of control?
  • How much & what kind of exercise do I get (if any) on a day to day basis? (consider housework, walking, lifting, moving around)
  • What obstacles or beliefs might be getting in the way of me dropping a dress size or more?

How can hypnotherapy & hypnosis help weight loss? 

How can hypnotherapy & hypnosis help weight loss? Using your answers to the above and more, I will work with you to create a motivating and effective personalised hypnotherapy plan on how to lose weight and look great, that enhances your progress in a friendly, exciting and practical way. I'll keep you focused on achieving your ideal weight, support you to develop and enjoy new healthier options in life and help break any unhealthy food associations you might have. 

Hypnosis uses the full power of your desires, your subconscious mind to achieve weight loss and it works with you to give you the best possible opportunity to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight by ensuring the whole you is healthy for life. Get ready to LOVE your body!

If this is all food for thought - and you're ready right now to take action and get rid of the flab - text or phone call for a free consultation on 07909 894516 or 0114 2509555 , or send me a message here now. 

Gastric Banding - Why we avoid it and go for natural 

We currently find our natural-based way very safe & effective and decline using the extended process of hypnotic gastric banding - yet people are often very surprised by this, afterall, many people have successfully been given gastric band hypnosis for weight loss that they have said worked. However,  the process of gastric banding involves a simulated form of surgery, and many clients prefer to not undergo the scenario of restricting and changing the shape of the stomach through this simulated surgery as (just like in real surgery) there have been claims it has had serious and far reaching negative side effects.

Some people using hypnosis have been cited to have had allergic responses under 'hypnotic anesthetic', a natural phenomena, causing obvious fear and distress. Others have had hypnotherapy for a gastric band to be installed and felt pain and discomfort afterwards or vomited after meals - possibilities we would never expose our clients to until further research has been conducted.

So what can I expect from this empowering hypnotherapy experience?

Ok, best way to explain is to get you feeling it for yourself. so, imagine you're thinking about the future now... you've sent an email, we've booked a consultation at a time that suits you, you've attended and decided to go for it... you've had two or three sessions up to today.

  •  You're feeling ecstatic because you've started losing weight and become more and more fit & motivated
  •   Your body is looking slimmer and smoother in the mirror as you're moving towards a better weight
  • You feel more toned and light, tons more energised & flexible as your joints and ligaments are stretched and more activated, there are more nutrients pumping through them and your body is using hydration better
  •  You are enjoying friends, partners, family saying hi to you and quickly scanning you - noticing you look slimmer and happier! They quiz you on what you've been doing (they want a bit of this positivity your emitting)
  • You're doing new things that are different in your life which amaze you and come as a positive benefit 
  •  You are one of the many thousands of people who have figured how to use their best asset - their minds - to achieve better happiness levels - health , vitality and genuine confidence / radiance
  •  So ask yourself honestly now  'How much have I spent on quality outfits / hair / skin treatments that work on the OUTSIDE of my body & why would I resist investing in this for a few sessions to help me on the INSIDE that can help my entire FUTURE?' From £70 - £500 for all different empowering levels - we really help our clients shine out!

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If you live in Sheffield, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, Doncaster, Rotherham, Barnsley, Leeds or nearby, you can find out more on how hypnotherapy could help you to lose weight or maintain it and learn how it can free you to meet your healthy goals in life by simply booking a session at Hypnotherapy in Sheffield to start working on it now. The consultation is completely free & there is no obligation to say yes to hypnotherapy. It's your body, your life and your decision what you choose. What are you waiting for? Get in touch now!

Please note: As we are an ethical hypnotherapy practice, we would like to state that weight loss through hypnotherapy is often successful for people whose weight is a result of emotional eating, overeating (or undereating in the case of seeking hypnosis for putting weight on), and sometimes due to lack of activity (except through medical reasons). It is a different approach to hypnotherapy gastric banding. It cannot support weight loss or gain in those whose obesity / malnutrition is the result of certain medical conditions. If you are unsure if this applies to you, please mention this when you ring or e-mail. Please note if this is the case, visit your GP and ask to explore if this is a side effect of any medication, or if there are any alternative treatments available to help counteract this (there often are).

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