Stop Smoking

Are you asking yourself "How do I stop smoking? How do I quit smoking for good?"Are you asking yourself "How do I stop smoking? How do I quit smoking for good?"

At Hypnotherapy in Sheffield we understand that people often want to stop smoking cigarettes, e-cigs and roll ups with hypnosis, but are worried about how it will work and can put it off until they feel ready. Clients often say: 

“How will I cope?”
“But I’ve smoked for more than 20 years”
“How will I relax and switch off?”
“What will I do with my hands?” 

If any of these worries feel familiar or sound like something you’ve said… congratulations!  It sounds like your mind wants to quit and is running through how to do it. All of these clients had success with hypnotherapy in can you!

 How effective is hypnotherapy & hypnosis  in stopping smoking? 

  • Hypnotherapy using hypnosis is evidenced to be up to double the effectiveness of patches and medications* in quitting smoking and staying stopped. 
  • Many people these days prefer natural and quick ways to stop smoking rather than chemicals or medications that can have side effects, such as nausea. 
  • It may surprise you that thousands of people everyday are choosing hypnosis to quit smoking due to being a very economical, effective & rapid solution for stopping smoking.

Who needs any more excuses to  become smoke free, richer and enjoying life to the full?
When investing once in hypnotherapy, it can help you to feel consistently :

  • More motivated about quitting now
  • Like quitting right now is fun (like a challenge)
  • More excited about stopping right now
  • More effortless and comfortable when quitting
  • More convinced you HAVE to stop today
  • More proud to be a healthy non smoker!

Book in once for a potentially healthier future forever now! It really is that easy.

What can I expect? Contact Hypnotherapy in Sheffield and you'll get all the support you need to quit smoking and stay smoke free into old age. Recieve an in-depth questionnaire around your current smoking, or your recent smoking, and relax with a supportive tailor made, one-stop session. (Please note the session takes 2 hours altogether.)

If you live in Sheffield, Rotherham, Hope Valley, Doncaster, Chesterfield, Derbyshire or Barnsley - take steps to stop smoking and break smoking related associations for good… for a healthier future for you and your loved ones get in touch now! 

You CAN do it!  Click here to book in now and get £70 off using our June offer! (*normal price £320)!

*South London stop smoking research was conducted on the scientific evidence of stopping smoking using hypnosis compared to all other possible methods. Trials were based on 6020 individuals and found it to be the second most effective intervention for smokers to quit (patients who had advice after heart attacks was the only intervention that was more successful by 6% and hopefully if you're reading this you'll never have to find that out!). Make it easier on yourself - invest in a rapid and effective solution that works!