Addictions & Habits

Is there something in your life that you've had enough of and would like to move forwards from? Is there something in your life that you've had enough of and would like to move forwards from? 

Leaving behind certain habits, addictions or problems that have maybe have got a bit out of hand is a wonderful thing to decide on, it's a part of our successful journey through life.

About Addictions & Habits

Everybody can form habits, both positive and negative, the most important thing is how it affects us and how we and those around us, react to it.

People can become addicted and develop addictions to anything, from a compulsive gambling addiction to substance misuse (abuse drugs, are addicted to medications or something else or have an alcohol addiction), it could be an internet addiction or pornography that's causing a problem in your life, it could be becoming addicted to sugar or chocolate or being unable to stop drinking alcohol or obsessing over an individual.

It can happen to anybody, regardless of background, class or it an addiction to prescription drugs or a habit such as humming, hair biting, hair pulling, twitches or nail biting, biting the inside of cheeks, lips or picking at areas.

The choices we make however, make us... and if a part of you is reading this with nervousness, or if a part of you is excited about conquering success and moving forwards with your life... congratulations! It sounds like your mind is already running through this idea of having done with it and is starting to get ready for it!

 What steps should I, or someone I'm thinking of, take next?

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