Anxiety, Panic, Fear & Phobias

ANXIETY, PANIC, FEAR & PHOBIASAre you looking for help and support around an anxiety, fear, panic or phobia that's getting a life of it's own? You're not alone...and you're in safe hands here at Hypnotherapy In Sheffield.

Fears and Phobias as well as anxiety and panic can often start from very good rational thinking, however, sometimes they can get out of check, developing into something that affects our day to day normal duties, and causes people to start to change their life because of it. This is often when people (or loved ones) notice the negative aspects of it and seek to find a solution.

Well done in taking the first step and reading up on how hypnotherapy can work for you or a loved one! 

Hypnotherapy (hypnosis with therapy) combined with NLP & CBT has a calm and easy approach that reduces the signs and symptoms of anxiety, General Anxiety Disorder (GAD), panic attacks, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), fear and phobias in a person's life. It gives back control and power to the individual and session by session, you feel more independant, back in the driving seat, strong and in control. It has a good record of success, changing, reducing and in many cases eradicating fears and phobias to controllable and non-limiting states…returning people back to their confident best…freeing people to lead a normal life, rapidly and effectively.

Quick and effective relief 

Banish fears such as fear of flying, fear of going back to work or fear of leaving the house and say goodbye to old stuck behaviours like intrusive thoughts, OCD or negative thinking patterns quickly and effectively with hypnosis, psychotherapy, NLP & CBT techniques and research. Together, step by step, we can work with the unconscious part of the brain in a relaxing and enjoyable way that can easily ‘unlearn’ limiting behaviours and ‘mentally rehearse’ new more successful ways that you want, leaving every part of you ready to remove the barriers and support you in moving forward with your life to live it without limits. Whether it's a phobia of spiders, a fear of dogs or animals, fear of flying, feeling scared of being sick, negative thoughts, negative thinking or obsessive or intrusive thoughts and feelings, hypnosis can help change them!

People often say "but i've been feeling this way for years, it'll take years to get back to normal..." yet with hypnosis and therapy, behaviours really can be re-trained within a few sessions. You can feel more confident and in control again... and you really can notice the changes after each session as you rapidly become the person you WANT to be!

For your peace of mind

Firstly, please note, you will not be required in this therapy to make direct physical contact with any fears or phobias. You may find it useful to attend a no-obligation free 30 minute consultation prior to booking a session so you can ask any questions and learn more about hypnotherapy.

During the consultation no hypnosis will take place and it is a relaxed, informal opportunity to talk through any worries or thoughts and gain further reassurance as to what a typical hypnotherapy session is like. A more confident lifestyle could be just a few steps away! 

To contact Hypnotherapy in Sheffield for more information or to book a session, please click here and fill out the form provided, thank you. We aim to answer all forms submitted within 72 hours, using the contact method you prefer.