Addictions & Habits

Ready to break a habit that you hate?

Is there something in your life that you've had enough of and would like to move forwards from? Stopping a habit, addiction or problem that has got out of hand is a great thing to decide on, it’s a part of your successful journey through life. Don’t worry – you’re in the right place to conquer it!

If you know already you’re ready to break free of your addiction and feel that independence and freedom, get in touch today! Call us now on 0114 2509555 or text us for more info on 07909 894516. Or read more about how hypnotherapy helps people to break free of cravings and habits.

Everybody can form addictions and habits. From doctors, teachers, drivers, gamers – all of us are susceptible to pleasure and reward, habits that can be positive or negative. The most important thing is how it affects us and how we (and those around us) react to it.

Providing a discreet and confidential service (please talk to me about any concerns you may have before we begin working together) we provide a relaxing and engaging process that you can trust, and we can help you to look at this habit and see if it’s affecting you in negative ways, or important things to you, such as your relationships with those around you. We can help to identify what needs to be done, and help you to gain relief over breaking free of cravings, old behaviours, patterns of responding and addictions. Instead of spending your money on allowing the habit to continue, spend it temporarily on slashing the bonds of this, feeling better about rejecting ‘extras’ to your natural body and securing back your freedom. you’ll not only save a fortune in the long run, you’ll also gain back your health, self confidence and genuine pride and happiness. Thousands of very addicted people do this every day and don’t look back. You can relax and let us help support you to get rid of this massive source of stress, take control, and gain your freedom.

Hypnotherapy is very relaxing and targets the underlying causes of addiction, and also helps to implant positive suggestions into your unconscious mind, below you normal awareness, helping to ‘put you off’ certain actions and thoughts, and help promote and ‘make easier’ other possible choices or avenues. This can really help people to break free of old ways of doing things.

People can become addicted and develop addictions to anything… you might be personally thinking about quitting something (a great sign by the way, that your unconscious is already getting ready for a positive change) you might be thinking about stepping away from using cocaine (coke), crack or heroin, you may be wanting to stop smoking cannabis (weed), quit nailbiting, stop a compulsive gambling addiction, through to legalised drugs, such as substance misuse through medications or want help to stop drinking alcohol and quit.

It could be an internet addiction, phone addiction or pornography that’s causing a problem in your life, it could be you want hypnosis for being addicted to sugar or chocolate and binge eating when you feel stressed or emotional (ALL of these areas we can help you with here at Hypnotherapy in Sheffield confidentially).

It can happen to anybody, regardless of background, class or age…be it an addiction to prescription drugs or a habit such as humming, hair biting, hair pulling, self harming, twitches or wondering how to stop nail biting, biting the inside of cheeks, lips or picking at areas.

The choices we make, make us… and if a part of you is reading this with nervousness… congratulations! It sounds like your mind is already getting a bit excited at the thought of going through with this and taking back your freedom!

So what steps should I (or someone I’m thinking of) take next?

Get in touch via text or phone call for a free consultation on 07909 894516 or 0114 2509555 , or send me a message here now. Remember, it’s free to come along, so ask yourself, ‘what have I got to lose?’

There is no obligation to choose hypnosis as the method of change you or someone near to you are looking for. It’ll just give us a chance to talk about it and see if Hypnotherapy in Sheffield may be able to help and then the decision is yours!

What are you waiting for? Get in touch here today!