Shauna_Naylor_in_the_comfortable_therapy_roomHello there! Thanks for taking a look at the face behind the process! I hope you’ll find out about my passion running Hypnotherapy in Sheffield’s busy private practice, and my stubbornness in achieving a professional and yet deeply rewarding and engaging service.

Unlike others, I use an incredibly dynamic, powerful & rapid type of hypnosis which complements the more relaxing parts of hypnotherapy… so you can get safe, confident results that you can feel, see and evidence happening; rapidly gaining effective change for you or your loved one within 1-5 sessions* (*using psy-tap & hypnosis, in the vast majority of cases, where there is not several complex issues at play)!

It’s simple maths…Why commit to weeks and weeks of sessions paying out £50/£60/£70 for say 8-10 sessions of an hour each trying to shift your issue, when you can get it all done effectively, safely and by a qualified, regulated and insured hypnotherapist in just 1-5 sessions?

Going cheap on can often be unsafe if you don’t want to be focussing on upsetting traumatic things and wasting your time or feeling really emotionally drained after sessions when you’re needed at work, for instance.


Hypnotherapy in Sheffield is fast becoming the first port of call for strong and effective quick acting emotional or behavioural change, targeting the subconscious heart of the matter efficiently and working to actively resolve it, to create long term change and peace of mind. We are experts in leaving you feeling refreshed and confident AFTER powerful sessions as well… not leaving you reeling from all the breakthroughs that have taken place.

We are trusted and growing in publicity because we use the very latest, most safest and modern powerful techniques available in the industry. Whether using hypnosis, PSy-Tap, hypnotherapy, CBT, NLP or hypnomentoring / coaching it’s all available to you in one easy session, in addition to the most long term and effective traditional tools by the masters of hypnosis as well. It’s a combination approach that is carefully tailored to each person so it’s right for YOUR personality and way of thinking, and it’s great at getting the results you are looking for (see my testimonials on this for more)!

Choosing to provide a much needed hypnosis, hypnotherapy & hypnomentoring service in Sheffield that people could safely rely on, that is friendly and professional for both adults and children, Hypnotherapy In Sheffield was founded in 2011 by Shauna T.R. Naylor, HPD, Reiki Master & Teacher, DipH, DipNLP & HC and is based in Carterknowle, Sheffield, in a private residential setting.


Qualifications and Expertise

As one of the leading hypnotherapists outside of London’s Harley Street, Shauna is highly sought after in this field, having trained with Kevin Laye (Trained with Paul Mckenna, Richard Bandler and Derren Brown and is the inventor of Psy-Tap, a breakthrough system for trauma and releasing emotion) and Karl Smith (FAST techniques, rapid hypnosis induction trainer and founder of the ‘The Kinetic Shift’ technique).


Shauna received her Diploma in Hypnotherapy, Diploma in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) & Hypnotic Coaching (HC) (by the Academy of Advanced Changework) and additional Hypnotherapy Practitioners’ Diploma (externally certified by the NCFE/NCH.) and has been successfully getting results people are desiring everyday with up to 7 clients a day, Monday – Thursday for 4 years.

She was one of the first hypnotherapy & hypnosis services in South Yorkshire to take the service out further and visit clients at their homes where they were unable to access the practice (for clients needing hypnotherapy in their own homes e.g. agoraphobic clients who have a fear of leaving their home). Her work has grown to become a full-time busy practice within 2 years and has been featured in magazines, NHS publications and online, demonstrating the success of her clients and their happiness in selecting Hypnotherapy In Sheffield.

Additionally, Shauna is very proud to have her qualifications and expertise recognised and verified by the government endorsed Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC).


Shauna is also qualified in Reiki and has been delivering Reiki therapy to clients since 2009. Selectively choosing just a handful of clients to work with, Shauna is known for her powerful ability to ‘tap into’ your body, with hands placed on the chakra zones of the body, powerful learnings can be revealed about you physically, emotionally, sexually and spiritually through the art of reading the energy your body radiates. Some people seek Shauna out for her ability to unfold and boost spiritual development and balance in clients through the power of reiki (always on request only however) whilst others seek reiki training and courses. Reiki is known for being a go-to therapy for consistently improving wellbeing, direction and contentment in life.

She received her training and qualifications from a Reiki Master with true lineage back to the original reiki healer. Shauna’s positive results and testimonies in this speak for themselves by word of mouth and need no selling.

She is passionate about children and young people and has been working in the field of behavioural therapy since 2004. Specialising for several years in marginalised children and young peoples’ work, her down to earth nature and friendly focused approach has helped hundreds in working with issues such as low self confidence, mistrust of professionals, abuse, self harm, anxiety and panic, aggression, addiction, school / college non attendance, and depression amongst many others. Shauna is happy to provide references from happy parents for her quality of work with children and can additionally be contacted directly by schools and colleges for specific work with students and pupils at risk.

Shauna additionally has a CIPD qualification in Training Practice and delivers high value corporate packages such as Stress Management, Motivate! Time2Think and more. Shauna works with many entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and small business owners as well as leaders and senior managers using her tailored hypnomentoring. Please enquire about how any of these packages could be of service to you and the organisation you work for. Packages can be tailored to meet corporate or individual needs and will require consent from any participating individuals.



  • Standard hypnosis and mentoring (can be ongoing should clients wish) £70 per session.
  • Psy-Tap breakthrough session cost is £90 per session. Prices will be increasing to £110 per session from May. Standard sessions are up to 45 minutes, but may ocassionally go over this when long standing breakthroughs are happening.
  • An initial 30 min assessment session is needed in advance of hypnosis to learn and understand you, your preferences & personality style (this is partly what makes Hypnotherapy In Sheffield’s hypnotherapy so effective.) This can be completed at your free consultation if you wish to give consent. Alternatively, it can be completed prior to your hypnotherapy session by arrangement. This assessment is an in depth, useful look at your life and can be insightful alone as a tool. It is 100% FREE for your peace of mind.
  • Stop smoking session cost is £250.  It is a 2 hours sessionIt’s an investment that has gone on to save people thousands every year… what would you use that money for? A holiday? A car? That’s how confident we are in what we do day in, day out for people who’ve often smoked for 20 years+. This is an intensive session and involves an up front questionnaire on your smoking habits that MUST be completed, and your house cleared of ashtrays and lighters for when you get home, so be prepared to be genuinely smoke free!
  • Reiki healing treatment session is £50 for 1 hour and this includes personalised feedback at the end about what is noticed in your body – physically, emotionally, sexually & spiritually, and how to use this moving forwards. Please note, Shauna selectively only works with a few chosen clients in this area due to wanting to provide a quality, powerful & supportive transformational experience.


Ethical and Caring

Shauna delivers an individual combination approach for each client to suit their own personal preferences and her practical friendly approach has seen many successes. However, as an ethical practitioner, if hypnotherapy is not the most suited option or doesn’t seem effective within a short period of time (as is sometimes the case on rare occasions), she also works in partnership with a team of therapists around the city and can recommend or provide therapists from different therapy backgrounds that may meet certain needs better e.g. sports massage therapy or specialist support groups, to help clients achieve their goals. Shauna regularly attends supervision and training in keeping with her professional registration with governing bodies (such as the NCH). This is always strictly confidential and more can be read about this on the NCH website.

Shauna is happy to receive new clients and any correspondence about therapy, please feel free to use the contact us form on the next page to make contact. Thanks for reading this and best wishes, Hypnotherapy in Sheffield.